Thursday, July 1, 2010

July's Planets

The last time Saturn and Uranus opposed each other was way back in 1965-1967 a time of social unrest, and free love much like today with all the outrageous relationship scandals. A few years back, as the planet of karmic lessons Saturn transited through the sign of Leo, ruler of love, romance, the creative process and the ego, nothing seemed good enough, even the partners we attracted. Then as Saturn transited through the sign of Virgo, we got into a rut, what we thought we wanted bored us, and we have run out of new and exciting experiences, and new and exciting love experiences. As Saturn enters Libra ruler of marriage and personal relationships we can get entranced by father karma into a totally overwhelming OCD or “soulmate” experience and fall madly in love with someone totally out of our league or someone who doesn’t even know how we feel. The signs from Leo through Scorpio are relationship houses on the zodiac wheel. With Uranus involved, falling in and out of love or “encounters” takes its toll, not only on the person involved but the bystanders watching. One has to ask “are you just using relationships” to get through life? If you handled the Saturn in Cancer transit a few years ago well enough and grew more self sufficient and let go of the past you are probably not using relationships as a crutch. Like the baby boomers of the 60’s young adults trying to break free of family and make their own way in the world, free love and the sexual revolution, made them adults with adult issues. It broke them free of parental control. If you didn’t handle Saturn in Cancer well enough you are probably using relationships as a crutch to help you along in life, and therein lies the karma. It takes its toll, not only on the person involved but the bystanders watching. Here we are in the year 2010 with so many politicians and people in the spotlight involved in scandals, infidelity and relationship turmoil, what are they trying to break free of? On the one hand people use relationships to free themselves of Mommy and Daddy, but they still aren’t free, if they go to someone else’s house. During the Saturn-Uranus opposition this is one of the issues, the past vs. future. Yet, it’s so much more too, in Libra and Aries, it’s where we fall love inexplicably, unexplainable, at first sight. It is where your heart comes alive and beats fast, at seeing someone. It is Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus is Aries, it’s is falling in love. Yet it is still the past vs. future.

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