Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturn re-enters the sign of Virgo today

Today Saturn re-enters the sign of Virgo, and as the Saturn-Uranus opposition culminates remember some things are beyond your control. Beyond the outer limits of the planet Saturn there is no judgment. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto time those circumstances in our life where we have no control. Good and bad seems to seamlessly meld into everything working out for our greater good or greater evolutionary growth. We have all had experiences where we have had something bad happen yet it worked out for the best and had that bad thing not happened we would have been stuck or something good would not have come into our lives. So to escape Saturn’s wrath, keep in your mind that there is no good and no bad…it all works together…You have done nothing bad under this opposition, and somehow the things that other’s have felt you did bad in some way have probably helped or changed you forever. Call for details on how this affects your life!

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