Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mother, hobbies & wealth, find your wealth!

As the Moon grows fuller in the sign of Cancer to Full in the sign of Leo, the comfort of your mother's influence can be felt.  You might crave the comfort foods of your childhood, or you might recollect the fond memories of your childhood.  The 4th house rules mother, it rules that influence that is instilled in us as youngsters and typically it's our mothers who point us in the right direction by fostering our budding talents. Its your mother who was always looking to see where you stand out, and what makes you special, and she nurses that potential in one way or another.   Mothers cultivate our hobbies, talents and activities don't they?  How many times do we hear you'll make a fortune doing what you love?  What we love is typically our hobbies, our passions, that many times were nurtured and encouraged by our mother. 
The 5th house a Leo ruled house points out to us where we have talent and lots of it! it's where your mother saw your talent and it's where you can make a fortune!

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