Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturn square Pluto November 15th 2009

You are facing a Miracle!  As this horoscope week begins it marks the beginning of a powerful period that will last for some time to come. The line up of planets in forward looking Aquarius ask each one of us to take a leap of faith and just believe that while Saturn squares Pluto, pruning and ridding you of what’s no longer necessary for your future you will end up a stronger and better person for it.
How easy or how hard this will be depends on your flexibility, your faith and of course the aspects in your Natal Birth Chart. It includes the breaking down of illusions and the facing of some cold hard ugly facts. Everyone is wondering what are these aspects and what do they mean. With Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune lined up in Aquarius, life as we know it, is changing around us. The best lessons come when Neptune the planet of illusion tells us it’s “ok” to take what we want, do what we want, follow others blindly, and we weave that concept into our lives and realities, until we walk straight off a cliff, and realize that we wasted precious time that can’t be replaced. There will be some people who do just that and live that reality.  In the end have nothing, but disillusionment and empty regrets. Others will think about it but channel that energy into a more positive outlet, dream or better... open themselves up to channeling in the divine creativity. Only when Neptune’s illusions are broken down, can miracles happen, and your world is opened to bigger and better possibilities than you could ever think of yourself. You could be facing a Miracle! If you just let go, stop trying to control,  manipulate and stop putting your faith in anything or anyone outside yourself. The magic begins inside of each one of you, and it begins right now.
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