Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Are you ready for the changes?

As the horoscope week begins the Sun has entered the sign of Sagittarius. If you wake up for sunrise the Sun will be rising in the east in the sign of Sagittarius. Babies born between 6-8 am will be Sagittarius rising babies! Sagittarians are known for their freedom loving proclivities yet are very traditional when it comes to holidays and family. They love the pomp and circumstance of any holiday festivity and of course any reason to celebrate! Where is Sagittarius in your chart? This is where you will hold to tradition in the happiest of ways!

This week the two closest planets to Earth make aspects to the unusual line up of planets in Aquarius.

Venus will square Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. Venus is the planet most easily visible planet from Earth and the planet that gets the closest to Earth is the brightest object in the skies. She’s called both the evening star and the morning star because her transit is never outside of Earths’ orbit, so it’s always visible to us on Earth. You can’t miss it, it’s the brightest star in the skies. Venus's orbit 584-days before it’s successive close approach to the Earth, which is almost exactly equal to five Venus solar days. No one knows if this relationship arose by chance or is the result of some kind of relationships with the Earth. The Mandela Venus creates in the skies is a 5 pointed star, a pentagram. This weeks aspects to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces, aren’t alone. Mercury, the messenger planet and our other closest planet also aspects Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Uranus, but, while Venus squares the planets in Aquarius Mercury sextiles them. This makes way for strong gains. Mercury is immediacy and if you have been waiting for changes to occur this could be your week. The sign of Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus are the higher octave of Mercury. Opportunities for change are abundant. Step into the future and just let the past go for now. Expect this week to be exciting and full of changes. Take all the opportunities that come to you.

Venus rules women’s issues and finances. Venus is the ruler of the sign of Libra where Saturn now transits but squares Pluto. Since Aquarius is essentially the 2nd house to the 10th house, corporate profits or government profits are at issue. The debate over the treatment of women and the health care of women rages on. When women suffer relationships and marriages suffer. This suggests attempts to get away with or use a slight of hand over women’s issues will not get far. Compromises in health care will be made. Attempts by government or big business to raise prices will be met with opposition as the Moon grows in fullness.

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