Thursday, November 19, 2009

2010 A Preveiw, 2010 The New – New Age (TM)

2010 The Movement of the Mass Super Consciousness. The New –New Age (TM)

Through 2012 we are of course in a cycle where spiritual changes are dominating and we are forced to let go of materialism as we know it. In doing so we open ourselves and our lives up to something greater.  There are never any voids. 
We are in a new spiritual cycle of growth and change. We may not be cognizant of it but, that’s what’s happening. When you are in the middle of change you don’t always know what’s going on. 2010 could see many new and exciting scientific breakthroughs and many “firsts" that will help us evolve and take us into the future. Additionally we will we see economical or ecological disasters that affect masses of people the likes of which history are made of.
Whenever economics and personal finances take a turn downwards an opportunity for great spiritual growth rises, and that comes with its own new blessings and new financial opportunities. Like the yin and yang symbol when economics are on top spiritual growth suffers when economics take a turn the opportunity for spiritual growth and change predominates, the new –New Age Phenomena is here!

Whenever we have the outer planets aspecting each other we have situations on planet Earth that affect masses of people. This began with the Saturn-Uranus oppositions which trigger the social, revolution of the 60’s. Was it a time of turmoil, of course it was. The 60’s changed the world as we know and caused a “revolution”. The 60’s changed the mass consciousness, and gave birth to a new spiritual awakening. The aspects now are just as volatile for mass uprisings to occur. How volatile, peaceful or bloody could be dependent on the Sun Spot cycle. We know that the Sun spot cycle has been at an all time low, but that could change. If it changes in the 2nd half of the year 2010 and become more active, like it’s supposed to the collective thought and masses arise.

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