Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saturn in Libra It's Karma Time

Saturn the planet of creating foundations in our lives and pointing out our mistakes in order to correct them will enter Libra, just days before Halloween. Saturn is in the sign of it's exaltation in Libra, meaning that it is well placed in Libra. The glyph of the sign of Libra explains what the sign is about. It's neither a human glyph nor animal glyph, unlike all the other zodiac signs it's glyph is simply the scales. The scales Libra represent karmic justice, the impersonal, impartial, fair, and just scales of karma. Judgment is made swiftly but not arbitrarily between right and wrong. As a man reaps so shall he sow Saturn in Libra accelerates the process. Saturn magnifies the punishment for not choosing correctly, and not doing the right thing.

Ever wonder if that person who did you dirty will ever pay or wonder if there really was such a thing as karma, well now you get to experience it first hand. In your own personal life you may be asked to do what is right, which may not always be the easiest thing to do, nor the most self motivated thing to do. As we move into this new experience of Saturn in Libra prepare yourselves, for the tough questions and judgments between right and wrong. Need more Call 954-473-0720

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