Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Astrology Revolution (TM)

I am Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer and I want to start a Revolution… an Astrology revolution that is.

Astrology predates Astronomy but is still surrounded by critics and controversy and seen as little more than hocus pocus. Yet the most read section of any newspaper, magazine, or website is the Horoscope section. Take that out and publishers know they’ve got trouble on their hands.
We still haven’t decided if Astrology is fact or fiction. Yet more is probably known about astrology than even astronomy. Astronomers and scientists get it wrong all the time and admit it.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors began to note the movement of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the constellations. They created calendars, which we still use today. With nothing else but the naked eye they plotted our solar system. They meticulously wrote down their findings and observations and passed them along for future generations. Our forefathers and ancestors were one with their universe. Their observations were and still are the basis for both astronomy and predictive astrology today.
Back then thousands of years ago astronomy and astrology were one. Astrologers were priests and religion included astrology. We can still see this today as every major religion still uses the transits of the Sun and Moon to time their major Holidays.
Today we benefit from this wealth of predictive information handed down by our forefathers. Even though much of it has been destroyed in the name of God and dogmatic religion enough has survived that makes astrology a potent and viable tool today.

Have you ever thought that just the time of day you were born would influence your life? Your entrance into this world was a much anticipated event with parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and family friends all anticipating your arrival. You changed many lives with your first breathe.

If you were born at Sunrise, you were seen as someone who would make a difference. In the same way that we look towards each new day as a new opportunity in many ways you brought this feeling to those around you and probably still do.

If you were born at Noon when the Sun is high in skies and difficult to look at, in that same way you are seen as someone that others cannot out do, you are a status symbol. Like royalty you are an untouchable. You are a high achiever.

If you were born at Sunset, you are someone that people love to watch and can relax with. Who doesn’t like watching a beautiful glorious Sunset?

If you were born at Midnight when the Sun wasn’t out only the Moon was reflecting the Suns light. In that same way you need others to connect with, to reflect off of.

I want to revolutionize the way you see Astrology. In the East countries like India haven’t rejected astrology as nonsense they haven’t rejected the wisdom of preceding ages. They incorporate it into their lives and use it to help in making big decisions.
We in the West see astrology as a little more than a hobby something we read in private. We’ve made it into a controversial subject.

As 2012 fast approaches predictions about the end of the world will put astrology in the headlines again. As the Mayan Calendar just comes to an end, it’s not so far fetched as we think. Knowing now that our Moon could be bombarded with satellites crashing into it, our calendar could end.

So Come on join me…. Astrology isn’t just for Entertainment anymore! This is the beginning of an Astrology Revolution that everyone can be part of.

I’m Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer and I hope you join in revolutionizing the way everyone thinks about Astrology. How? By learning and passing on as much as you can about Astrology to others.
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