Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mercury Retrograde Sept. 6th -Sept. 29th

Surviving Mercury Retrograde rx

Mercury the planet of communications goes retrograde at 6° Libra, Sept. 6th or 7th depending on which time zone you are in, until May 30th. Mercury will retrograde back to 21° Virgo where it was last on Aug. 21st.  This is significant in that Mercury retrograde is a repetitive aspect. The planet passes through the 1st time, retrogrades back for the 2nd pass, and goes direct for the 3rd pass; giving us all time to work out the kinks from the events of the month prior and giving us a 2nd chance at events we might have thought passed us by. Normally, we might not get a 2nd chance to correct, change or go back. Typically we as humans don't see it that way though, every time something doesn't work out as planned we think we are being picked on, singled out, victimized and punished for some unknown karma. Not so! Life on Earth would clip along at a very quick pace and never give us a 2nd or 3rd chance to correct or refine anything, if it were'nt for retrograde periods.
Is there something over the past month you would have done differently, or said differently? Well, you just might have a 2nd and 3rd chance to change or rectify it! The period then from Sept.6th-October 13th when finally Mercury transits past its retrograde point of 6° Libra, gives us the same Mercury experience from Aug. 21st. It's a longer period of influence than most people realize!

Let’s face it, Planets aren't really retrograde! They are not really going backwards in the sky! They only appear to do so through the naked eye, because they are at their furthest point from Earth. Think about it for a minute, something really far away doesn't appear to move, even though it might be moving right? So it is with retrograde planets. Their movement is distorted because their orbit has taken them far away from us! Distance does produce different colors and so it is with planets. Planets retrograde are not reflecting their normal colors on us; this is called "Red Shift". The planet reflects on us a different color light energy, and this can be considered the antithesis or opposite color. In fact when Mercury is retrograde we are without the influence of its energy. Mercury keeps things in order to some degree, communications, electricity, the fine running of machinery, the weather, our thoughts, and of course our memory! We have to work harder under Mercury retrograde to remember all is not as it appears for us and for others.

Typically astrologers tell people not to sign documents, make binding decisions, schedule important meetings, start relationships, or take important trips. This isn't always possible though so I tell people to do these things with the intent of revisiting the action, being flelxible to changes, after Mercury goes direct. Plan for the fact that things could need to be re-done or revised during the retrograde period. Starting new love relationships isn't encouraged as people you meet during Mercury retrograde can seem perfect until Mercury goes direct and then the fizzle fades.

Remember, during Mercury retrograde Life doesn't stop does it? Life isn't a train you can get off because Mercury has gone retrograde is it? During Mercury retrograde do your normal activities, realize that things could run amuck and plan for it. If you have to enter an agreement tell the person, that you would like to do more research or if you have to start a project do so with the intent that it is in the "testing" stages and you are working out the kinks. Mercury retrograde is great for working out the kinks, testing and research, because it will show you everything that could go wrong and that's important information to have!
Mercury is the messenger planet and is always transiting ahead of Mars, which is action or reaction. Mercury sends the message to Mars to act or not. However, as soon as Mercury goes direct Mars will be ahead of Mercury.  Could this mean an attack or act of war?

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