Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today's New Moon Solar Eclipse could be a A #Solar-Eclipse of the Heart for some

#Solar-Eclipse of the Heart! The planet Venus joins the Solar Eclipse Event along with the asteroid Pallas both play and important role in soul-mate realtionships. You probably can't fight your feelings for someone anymore! Find out how the #Solar-Eclipse of the Heart affects you Read More... or Book a consultation with me Terry Nazon

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio today! Get ready!

A sense of urgency and having to handle things ASAP always comes with the sign of Scorpio.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse cold bring a sense of urgency to your life and disrupt your neat and tidy schedule.  Love can bring a sense of urgency to our lives too, right?
The Lunar Eclipse starts it’s show at about 1:30 pm.  Just remember don’t look at it directly!  It’s better to view it online.  Your ancestors probably didn't view it directly either.  The Mayans would have hidden in their tents, yet the Buddhist think it’s auspicious and that eclipses are thousands times more powerful than normal New Moon’s, and that your actions are that much more magnified during and New Moon Eclipse that’s why I say Be Good, Do Good and See Good!
Just in time to view the New Moon solar eclipse the planet of love and money Venus enters the sign of Scorpio complicating matters of the heart and bringing a fear to some about commitment or a sense of urgency to matters of the heart! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, How to view it safely

Tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 23rd  a natural phenomena occurs, a Partial Solar Eclipse, it begins around 1:35 pm EDT and culminates around  5:3 7 pm EDT.  Remember you cannot view it directly, you’ll need special eye wear to view it and no your sunglasses are not good enough.  Looking directly at the Sun can damage your eyes or your children’s eyes. So maybe you should do what I do and watch it online.