Monday, September 26, 2016

Today's Planets and You

Today the moon is in the sign of #Leo and it will perfectly align with Mr. Miser Saturn. Today holds a secret! the Moon in #Leo favors #Leo, is lucky for #Sagittarius & #Aries. IT brings numerous opportunities to #Gemini and #Libra! It brings money to #Cancer, other people's money to #Capricorn, laughter to #Gemini who wins conversations today because he/she is just louder, #Taurus gets new job opportunities, while #Aries is lucky in love & the lottery, #Pisces impresses co-workers & bosses, #Aquarius gets a hold on their penchant for freaking out, #Sagittarius reconnects with old friends & makes forever friends, #Scorpio figures out what is love & what is not, without expensive therapy, #Libra finds the Yin to their Yang, and has to explain that to someone else,w #Virgo is favored when he or she thinks about what's best for themselves.

Happy Birthday #Libra if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Libra if you're born today an interesting interplay begins to occur as the past melts away, your reality or the way you see things begins to change. It's a process of course. Your Solar Return occurs under the umbrella of a Sun-Jupiter Conjunction in your Sun sign that can only make you giggle with happiness. Pluto is moving forward and it's time to clean house and make room for a new scenario. Embrace change or miss the train.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Cancer & this of course favors #Cancer for taking the initiative and feeling confident, #Leo could feel a little tired & need a little more TLC than normal, while Some #Virgo's feel stuck others are breaking loose, #Libra is in charge & calling the shoots, impressing higher ups & flaunting their high style. #Scorpio is in a cycle of completions ridding their lives of debris but also giving themselves a break, #Sagittarius waits for a proverbial door to open, #Capricorn gets their ducks in order as Pluto prepares to go direct in their Sun sign, #Aquarius is counting the days and weeks but what else is new, #Pisces, is climbing upwards and on wards, #Aries is helpful to others but neglecting themselves oh my! While #Taurus moves slowly & methodically to get exactly what they want, #Gemini needs to count their money and your money.