Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Cancer if you're born today Sat. 6/25

Happy Birthday #Cancer if you're born today Sat. 6/25 you are in perfect harmony with yourself & the direction you are headed in. Nothing else matters. You can see what others cannot see so their opinions don't matter to you. Well, they haven't mattered for a while anyways right? Yo speak your mind & in crab fashion scoot in and out of controversy. You start the conversation, arguments & stir the pot a little. That's just fine this year! Forgiveness is yours too. This year you get away with lots due to the combination of The Sun & Venus in your #Sunsign. In love you are very very picky! 

Happy Birthday ‪‎Cancer‬ if you're born on Fri.6/24

Happy Birthday ‪#‎Cancer‬ if you're born on Fri.6/24 Surprises, turmoil & change await you in the coming year. By now you know & so does everyone in your life what your limits are, how much you'll take and what you won't put up with. You're just not going to waste your time, energy & worrying on others. It's just that clear. Events have brought you to this point & now it's all about you. You won't chase, beg or ask permission from anyone! Somehow that makes you all the more wanted & Pursued. You are downright sexy this year!

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in the sign of #Pisces which gives #Pisces the advantage to change course if he or she wants to. The #Moon in #Pisces makes #Aries dream big as well they should, brings well needed opportunities to reconnect to #Taurus, making his or her dreams reality, #Gemini gets a boost in popularity, #Cancer is mystical, magical & day dreaming, #Leo is scared to makeup, scared to break up and scared to try something new, While #Virgo can rekindle a flame they might not want to, #Libra is standing back while others fight it out, #Scorpio is fighting it out, #Sagittarius nudges the fight behind the scenes, #Capricorn says things is such a way to make you wonder what he or she really means, and #Aquarius is at the forefront threatening to fight it out.