Friday, April 18, 2014

Is it real love or something else?

Today the planet of Love Venus aspects the planet of transformation, deep and meaningful connections Pluto.  It’s time to renew our feelings of love to express them in a more touching or creative way. It’s time to go deep.  There are so many aspects that bring two people together and sometimes astrologers only scratch the surface.  The asteroids tell a much deeper story and paint a more vibrant picture.  The asteroid Sapphos is raw and is that inexplicable and undeniable chemistry between two people.  The asteroid Eros is the passion you have for someone and they for you.  

The asteroid Amor relates to closeness and intimacy in a relationship or between you and another. Juno of course is all about soulmates and covenant relationships. Who doesn’t want to dig deeper into their personal relationships  and find out what the bond is really made of?  This week in my consultations I’ve opened up the books of love and I’m digging deeper into the mysteries of these potent asteroids.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse The Blood Moon April 15, 2014 in Libra

The Full Moon Eclipse at 25° 16’ Libra is Total Lunar Eclipse, the 1st of a rare series of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses this year.  Mars, Ceres and Vesta accompany the Full Moon Eclipse.  Ceres and Vesta are two asteroids that influence the running of households, traditions, and food, so you could be concerned about relationships or money, but you could also be concerned with religious traditions and the Spring Holidays. The Lunar North Node and Mars will be at the exact degree of this Total Full Moon Eclipse dubbed a Blood Moon because of it’s close proximity to the planet Mars, in July, so this suggests the influence of this Full Moon Eclipse will be felt through the month of July.  How will this amazing eclipse affect you? Visit to find out.