Friday, July 21, 2017

Astro-Cartography Where in the World?

Ever wonder if there was someplace better for you to live, attend school or find your Soulmate? Your Natal birth Chart does align with certain, cities and places in just the right way so as to bring more success, happiness, love, peace, prosperity and scholastic achievement.  My Astro-Cartography Astrology Report does just that, it finds the right place for the right goal. Find out what the planets and astrology have to say about the place you were born in and the city you live in.  Additionally, could there be another place that you have a better alignment with?   How do other places affect you?  This report take the guessing out!
Where to live or find work, is something most of us care about. Where our children attend school is also very important too, because it's an investment in their future.  This report shows how we move through our chart in space just as we do in time. Is there someplace where you were meant to live? 
Where you live does matter!  This report will list major cities and give you key words as to the effect the location has on your individual life. Additionally you can chose two cities of interest and see how life will be in those cities before you move there.  That could save you lots of time and heartbreak.
This report is Approximately 28 pages long but the length is dependent on your natal birth planets

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sexstrology® Lover's Astrological Compatibility Report

Sexstrology® Lover's Astrological Compatibility Report: This compatibility analyzes your relationship or any potential relationship you want to know more about.  It will give you a heads up on the planetary compatibility between you and your significant other or how potential partners relate to each other.  You need to in advance what the planetary aspects are that bind the two of you together.  Additionally, what are the planetary aspects that are problematic and that you'll have to work on.  What are the challenges the relationship faces because each relationship faces challenges right?  Is there true love and a soul connection or are you just friends?  is there potential for a romance or not?  This report attempts to answer these questions and more.  It's one of our most wildly popular reports. Know before you get involved what lies ahead. This report is approximately 40 pages of love knowledge depending on the aspects of the Natal Birth Charts involved.  For only $35.00 it's a bargain and can save you time and a broken heart. 
Order Now and receive your Astrology Report by Email.  Please include your Date of Birth, Time of Birth (If Known), and Place of Birth and that of your 2nd person
With every order you'll receive a complimentary Free Natal Birth Chart  with personal notes from Terry Nazon
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Happy Birthday #Cancer if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Cancer if you're born today (and some #Leos too could be born today) or if your rising sign is 27*Cancer or 1* Leo rising, there's some good news for you! You shake off the lethargy or neediness this year! Let's face it you can be very needy if you want to be,  or there could be someone who you've needed or has needed you too much, shake it off. You need space to breathe freely this year and to be yourself.  Perhaps you are adjusting to a new financial situation and need to focus on building those bank reserves up again.  That takes time and you don't need anyone's help doing that.  Major financial decisions get made this year and cancer is all about what feels good and what he or she desires.  You are not about to let anyone make you feel bad or tell you how to live.  You'll be very sensitive to that during your Birthday year! Solar Returns can tell you lots about your year ahead and what you'll face.  This year you're confident enough to fly solo.  Continue to put lots of effort into your career, ambitions and work and eventually it will pay off.  Tough times weed out those who are not really in it to win it! 
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