Monday, May 14, 2018

Today's Planets and You! Daily Horoscope

Today's Planets and You! Today the Moon is in Taurus but you can't see it because it's dark.  It's the witching hour!  We are without the light of the Moon and that means you're missing something. That's all fine and good except that the planet of surprises is entering Taurus tomorrow. OK well, brace yourself! The Moon in Taurus favors to weight their options and take the lead by making an important decisions, #Gemini needs to be authentic and face facts, #Cancer wants to help and does and it costs you, #Leo might start another conflict or argument this one is long lasting, #Virgo stands their ground and isn't scared, #Libra takes chances and gambles with money and love, #Scorpio wants to make amends but it's complicated, #Sagittarius wants to help out but can commit to the time, #Capricorn wants to invest and win something, #Aquarius decides he or she is in or out for the long term, #Pisces has an opportunity of a lifetime to make a big purchase but has more questions, and #Aries has their eyes and binoculars on looking for the next big income producer. 

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