Thursday, April 26, 2018

Today's Planets and You! Daily Horoscope

Today's Planets and You! The Moon is in Virgo making everyone a wannabe accountant, healer or just out looking for an argument. You know the types!  While most people get down and serious today others want to draw you into their commotion. It's so deeply psychological, it's so Mars-Pluto ish. Today favors #Virgo to reach out an touch someone romantically, #Libra tries to motivate themselves, #Scorpio wants to play with your head, #Sagittarius is uncharacteristically cheap, #Capricorn is another Sun sign who wants to play cat and mouse,  #Aquarius needs to keep motivated and not crumble under the pressure they put themselves under, #Pisces stays quiet, under the wing of someone bigger and more powerful, #Aries has secrets and comes close to telling them, #Taurus is seething underneath it all but you'd never know it, #Gemini works hard and wonders where it all went wrong or took a turn so they can fix things, #Cancer is the center of attention for some pretty nefarious folks, and #Leo feels it's time for a major change! 

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