Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Birthday Aries If You're Born Today Birthday Horoscope

Happy Birthday Aries if you're born today or you are a 19*-20* Aries Rising this is for you too.  While you are plagued by constantly 2nd guessing yourself all your and tweaking this and tweaking that you stick to what's worked for you all along. Stick to the facts and make others stick to the facts so that you don't get confused with lots of word salads, where there's lots of words, little facts and where confusion is bred.  You need your wits about you to succeed and achieve your dreams.  There's no place for word salad at your table.  From time to time you take break from it all and have to remind yourself to get back to work.  There's this tendency towards too much vac or too much sofa time and too much rest. Don't fall behind in this uber competitive year! Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer! Book your consultation with me at  

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