Friday, August 4, 2017

Which gem should you be wearing Leo?

According to Vedic Astrology the gem for Leo is Ruby.  Leo gemstones: Ruby for the Sun, yellow sapphire for Jupiter, and red coral for Mars. Avoid pearls, blue stones, green stones, and diamonds.

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The wearing of gems dates back to the beginning of time and is mentioned in the bible as the Shield of David.  A shield worn by high priests that was inlaid with specific gems. 
Gems have specific vibrations to them and each gem has special characteristics.  The Gem Report is not just for Specific Transits and times of trouble but for all times.  According to your birth date, time and birth chart there are specific gems that help you and gems you maybe should avoid, because they could accentuate or enhance your negative planets or characteristics.  Certain gems can be worn to alleviate planetary afflictions or accelerate circumstances like a romance or marriage. This report is a comprehensive guide and analysis to what gems you should be wearing and when.
Gem therapy to enhance or avert astrological or planetary influences is well known and widely used today in Vedic astrology too.  Specific colors, gem vibrations improves, ameliorates or enhances stressful or good times accordingly.  Gems add a precise vibration and likewise improve your life. Find out which gem is suitable for you Click here

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