Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today or you are a 9* degree Leo rising, the year ahead has you counting beans, or your coins as you opt or decide to account for every penny spent.  Your ability to find things you lost is just uncanny and laughable.  Soon you will be believing in alternate realities and string theory, positive that your keys went to another realm only to reappear sometime later.  Yes, the strange and absurd fascinates you.  You also realize that you don't know as much about something you've been studying for a long time and perhaps you need to take another class, find another teacher or Guru to teach you more.  Since only the best will do for Leo he or she has to be famous and well known.  Leo students could take off to far away places to to find just the right teacher to enlighten them.  How deep of you Leo. In love, a painful experience needs healing.  You decide you don't need someone with razzle dazzle you just need someone you can live with say to day and wake up to daily.
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