Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trying to save others from themselves

I thought I would share one of the greatest and hardest lessons I ever had to learn.  It was repeated to me by two great people in a span of a few months many years ago.  The late great psychic Sylvia Brown who I opened for on her 50th Book Launch at The Trump Casino, and who at that point ad been through a lot, and the World Renowned Shaman Eskimo leader and author Angaanqaq Angakkorsuaq who is still a dear friend today. The message was simple.  When you see someone falling and drowning due to risky or bad behavior (not literally drowning) do you jump in after them and take the chance that you both might drown?  What good does that do to help the situation if both of you are drowning and risk dying?  Instead, according to both Sylvia Brown and Angaanqaq Angakkorsuaq and psychiatrists you say "I love you, and I will meet you down river".  So, sometimes as they say, letting go is hard to do, but you also have to respect the process and respect the process another is going through too.  Rescuing someone from their own self-undoing, bad habits, or bad inclinations is risky business.  If someone is going off on a tangent, in a bad space what's the solution?  Do you keep yourself alive and strong and allow the process to happen or do you jump right in lending your energy and perhaps risking your life, livelihood, health and happiness for another?  It's a really tough question. What do you think? I thought I would share this because I have been so fortunate in my life, to have great friends, inspirational teachers, and the best guidance from those wiser than myself.  For that I am ever grateful!


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