Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today or if you are a 5* Leo Rising you'll definitely need to get up a move around more.  The planet Mars wouldn't have it any other way! After a long summers dream you finally wake up and realize you and you alone can make all your dreams come true!  Make new friends and keep what you want from the pile of old friends you've accumulated but new circles and fun times await you.  This year you want to surround yourself with people who really are just like you and like you for who you are.  Gone are the days of people just saying they're like you and then you finding out they need your help.  No more co-dependent stuff ok? Don't feel guilty about your new friends and acquaintances!  Everything reflects the new you that's emerging and that's why you're attracting some pretty exciting people and circumstances!  Need More? I'm just a phone call away! 

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