Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today you have some great ideas that you've been thinking about, planning and trying to implement for a while.  Some of your genius ideas are ready to go some are not.  Talking and sharing too much can be troublesome.  On the one hand some people could shoot down your ideas before you even get them rolled out.  Others could steal you ideas and still others could make them sound stupid. So keeping your ideas to yourself wouldn't be a bad idea. This year expect changes with your friendships as some have just run their course, others were never really your friends to begin with.  Gemini's born today have mass appeal because they give others hope and a new vision of the future.  It's your job to make sure the vision you sell to others is based on Terra firma not drifting clouds and wishful thinking.


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