Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today!

Happy Birthday #Gemini if you're born today or you are a 24* Gemini Rising ! This year you might have a delightful distraction in your life, a love interest or just someone to do fun things with one on one. Relationships are serious business this year and more effort needs to be put into yours if it's to succeed. Maybe if you're single you need to put more effort into finding your one and only.  While long term plans and your vision of your tomorrows seem unreachable or they constantly taking a backseat to the many distractions and conflicts in your life, that doesn't mean you give up on your dreams.  Be part of your solutions without lashing out. If you lash out too often people will start questioning your sanity. It simply means that you continue to slowly chip away at them, revise them, and make them an ever constant in your mind, calendar and long term agenda. Yes, while Gemini likes short term things, you may have to think longer term since you have loftier goals and lack the support or right people to help you. Why is that?  Maybe you're looking to people who have a track record or have made a name for themselves.  You need to surround yourself with hungrier people.  Young people, energetic types, people with a vision, mavericks, people who need your help, and those who are eager to help you with your goals. While all that is going on watch your health, eat healthier and exercise. Strong body, strong mind and strong convictions are a requirement over your next year not optional. Recommended Report The Birthday Report (

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