Friday, June 23, 2017

Full Moon Cleansing Retreat Aug. 4


                                                            inside the gates of
                                                THE SACRED ORISA GARDENS
                                               ON THE BEACH, NEAR FLAGLER BEACH

Call Vassa 386-214-6489 for more information and to reserve your spot now!
Mention my Name for a special discount "Terry Nazon"

Friday evening will be your time to use the spiritual tools we will
provide you with for clearing and cleansing.We do have wi-fi ; all other accommodations for your comfort as well).
 Details will be in yourwelcome centerpiece.
Your destination is: 222 Clear Lake Road
Crescent City, Florida 32112 (see travel details; what to bring below)
We welcome you to arrive anytime in the later part of August 4th or
before 9 am on the 5th. Do your best to come the evening before …
giving you ample time to nestle into the private preserve.
Enjoy staying either in the treetop or garden level rooms with views
into the gardens. The two-story Retreat home sleeps 8 with two floors,
2 baths and 2 kitchens ++)
Feel free to meet one another…and we encourage you to move
through the gardens until it gets really dark out!
Unique highlights to be sure to experience….The Labyrinth Walk with
the 256 Odu…and relax into the arms of Omilade (giant Mermaid
down near the lake) and get a big nurturing hug!
Each garden will have laminated prayers & descriptions to teach you
as you move through when you are on your own.
Saturday morning - 10 am the journey begins with rituals for opening
our circle into the Egbe ancestor realm. Here you will open and center
into learning more about your true power grid.
Inside the Egbe circle garden …our collective ancestral energies will
be brought forward and aligned with the sacred Agnihotra fire….very
very powerful experience w/ prayers & offerings.
The Ancestors and our Guardian ancestors will be honored along with
those on the retreat grounds to build our base for creating wealth.
A special ritual to the four directions along with offerings and prayers.
We will move to Esu…with offerings, Oriki’s and prayers. Here we
begin collecting elements for creating our wealth tools…and present
you with your first empowerment tool as well.
Break for lunch with special organic nurturing wealth building food.
As you finish your lunch…we encourage you flow through the gardens
to nurture in nature.
In the afternoon we will meet inside the Osun garden for opening and
strengthening that which will bring our paths greater wealth. Prayers,
songs, chants, offerings and discussion on how to align with higher
levels of wisdom.

Before dinner we will create your special elemental tools…(want to
leave the description off here…know that it will be an empowering
Dinner, delicious, wealthy and healthy! Free to be time afterwards.
with the full moon above and tune into the vibrations to raise our
Sunday 10 a.m. We will build the rock keran…and discuss the
staging and layering of order. And you will be receiving a special
wealth building tool here as well.
Meeting at Ela garden and forming our circle here…and sharing what
is possible…adding chants and rituals…and then onto
Lunch and discussions with more information about building
A walk into the Ogun, Ososi, Oko and Obatala gardens with a
presentation of how you can work with these energies to build your
Closing circle ceremonies at the Ori garden; discussion.

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