Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today's Planets and You!

Today's Planets and You! The Moon is Dark in the sign of Aries so when things get loud or hectic you could get loud too!  The Moon in #Aries favors #Aries to take control of a bad situation that's been bothering them, #Taurus needs to escape the frantic people around him or her, #Gemini can move so fast that others can't catch up to them, #Cancer gets a 2nd wind regarding their ambitions, #Leo knows who they are & doesn't accept that you don't know who they are, #Virgo deals with power struggles or stubborn people, #Libra has family issues & needs to walk away for now, #Scorpio gets told they didn't do a good job, #Sagittarius has a surprise so expect something great! #Capricorn meets any challenge with courage & faith & that works, #Aquarius needs to avoid gossip, while #Pisces needs to write their expenses down today or they'll forget them. Visit www.terrynazon.com for more Horoscopes, sign up for my Horoscope Newsletter or Book your Consultation with me using my Online Scheduling App at https://live.vcita.com/site/73a7714620cd2d90 Recommended reports to go along with this article the Year Ahead Report, The Mars Report and The Pluto Report.

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