Monday, April 17, 2017

Today's Planets and You!

Today's Planets and You! The Moon in Capricorn brings good news & bad news. while the Moon in #Capricorn favors #Capricorn to keep moving it's bittersweet, #Aquarius has hidden resources but isn't feeling it today, #Pisces is surrounded by people who support him or her but who are also getting tired of constantly doing that, #Aries seizes a dream and like a bull dog won't let go of it despite what others tell him or her, #Taurus is fortunate and should tread carefully with money and investments, #Gemini is strong and can overcome any obstacle with their sheer will and they may have to use that today, #Cancer is exceedingly picky today and could pick on everyone around him or her, #Leo feels forced to work, they'd rather be doing anything else, #Virgo is quiet about their relationship woes, #Libra has deeply felt emotions that make him or her tense today, #Scorpio has to try extra hard to get along with everyone. and #Sagittarius has to push everyone hard to get them to move. Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes


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