Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Today's Planets & You!

Today's Planets & You! While the Moon grows a little brighter in the sign of Aries it brings to light the seed of discontent.  There are fresh starts & new beginnings but sometimes we don't see them as such.  Maybe there's something you're having a hard time accepting.  The Moon is showing you the direction you should be headed into.  The Moon in #Aries favors #Aries to let go of the past &start of in a new direction, which is probably good advice, #Taurus has high hopes that their hard work will not be for naught, #Gemini makes a sudden break, #cancer doesn't trust anyone with their reputation or career, #Leo wants to solve a mystery so might stake out your place, #Virgo is confused about romance, #Libra needs a clean break so let it go, #Scorpio sounds a little arrogant and someone says something about it, #Sagittarius needs self-expression like we all need to breathe, #Capricorn has no time for pranks, Enough! #Aquarius pleases themselves &no one else, while #Pisces gets a 2nd chance at everything! Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes

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