Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Today's Planets and you!

Today's Planets and you! Duty calls while the Moon's in #Capricorn!  There's no escaping the pressure cooker as you probably already know, It's crunch time.  The #Capricorn Moon favors #Capricorn to do what comes naturally,s tep up and deliver, #Aquarius toils behind the scenes or not, #Pisces is fervently tying to impress higher ups, #Aries is pulled in all directions, #Taurus is another #Sunsign who can definitely handle the pressure and benefit by it, #Gemini is at a loss for words, Really? #Cancer hashes through all their relationship faux pas, #Leo realizes if they don't do it, it doesn't get done, #Virgo wants everyone's take on their relationship issues, #Libra doesn't know what to do now that their ruling planet is off somewhere else gathering information, #Scorpio tries to figure out where they are going wrong with everyone, and #Sagittarius wins the salesperson of the year award but that doesn't make them friends.  Visit for more #DailyHorocopes

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