Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Today's Planets and you!

Today's Planets and you!  The Moon is in #Scorpio and during #Scorpio Moons people tend to be more suspicious and introverted.  It's not the best placement for the Moon and adds to people not talking about their feelings.  The Moon in #Scorpio favors #Scorpio to get what they want, #Sagittarius needs to rest and get their finances in order #Capricorn to surprise people by being forthright, #Aquarius has lots to prove to the boss, parents, and higher ups today, #Pisces is privy to information which makes them insecure about the future, #Aries  starts to be more aware of how they come across to others, #Taurus makes quiet inroads towards romance, #Gemini has a tough time managing their schedule and hectic life, #Cancer deals with children's issues or romantic ones, #Leo needs a break to get back on track, Virgo over comes their shyness, and #Libra is focused on the money honey! Visit for a more detailed #DailyHoroscope

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