Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Who Are you kellyAnne Conway?

Every Gemini needs a strong Capricorn to pull them through the dark chambers of their soul, and over obstacles they don't feel strong enough to overcome.  The relationship between Gemini and Capricorn is complex one.  There can be sexual overtones between the two, and there has to be financial gain for the Capricorn individual.  Gemini shares the spotlight with Capricorn and Capricorn, is Gemini's servant.  When a Gemini is involved with a Capricorn there has to be a deep loyalty because the two will share each other's secrets.  Capricorn will work tirelessly to help Gemini overcome any odds and achieve their goals.  And like the devil Capricorn doesn't care what those goals are or the moral right or wrong of what it is that Gemini wants to achieve. In Gemini, Capricorn finds a way to serve and finds a willing accomplice and partner in crime. There's little this combination of Sun signs can't accomplish and little they wont do to help each other succeed. Donald Trump is the Gemini and Kellyanne Conway the Capricorn.
In the end Capricorn will leave Gemini when the respect fades and the money just isn't worth the time and effort put into being subservient to the Mercury ruled.  Capricorn after all is above Gemini on the karmic wheel, and too many times feels he or she is lowering themselves to an erratic brat.
So who is KellyAnne Conway? She is a forward thinker, smart, brilliant and adept at twisting facts.  Her mercury is in Aquarius but the Lunar Nodes tie up her Taurus Moon and Neptune in Scorpio in a karmic aspect suggesting trouble with men or sons. She is slow to come to a boil, get angry and very grounded and patient.  She is good at handling the bad boys but even she will find it hard this year to do her job and manage the antics of President Donald Trump. 
Saturn squares her Uranus in Virgo  all year. so thoughts of throwing in the towel or having the towel thrown at her are all too possible. There will be lots of infighting with people closest to President Donald Trump and backstabbing.  The Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto cardinal squares aspect her Sun and square her Mars which suggests she needs to buckle down and work harder than ever to succeed among the politicking to come. Not a problem for this workaholic, unless some take issue with her bossiness.  Make no mistake about it she is bossy.  But she also is a great manager. She barks orders because she can make good decisions.  Her natal Mars is poorly placed in Libra which can get a bit hysterical sometimes, which affects her decisions. Mars here can work tirelessly but needs time to just do nothing.  Uranus is sextile natal Neptune and she can effectively confuse issues and walk away unscathed from conflicts. 
Normally, its Capricorn who needs a break from the nervous energy of Gemini and has to walk away.

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