Monday, February 20, 2017

Today's Planets & You!

Today's Planets & You! as the Moon decreases in light in the sign of Freedom, truth & all things foreign or religious, Sagittarius it's time to observe, & complete things before an amazing or interesting New Moon Solar Eclipse in #Pisces  Sunday Morning.  The Moon in #Sagittarius favors #Sagittarius to be serious and stick to a plan, #Capricorn to have their privacy, #Aquarius to come up with stellar ideas, & find lost valuables, #Pisces to  change for the better, #Aries to do their own thing & let their partner's do their own thing, #Taurus to impress the bosses, #Gemini to enjoy their expenses account, #Cancer to get their sexy on, #Leo to meet someone amazing, #Virgo to leave someone amazing, #Libra to make others mad or be mad at someone, and #Scorpio to be completely self indulgent.  Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes

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