Thursday, February 16, 2017

Today's planets & You!

Today's planets & You! Today the Moon is in #Scorpio, not the best placement for the Moon because it's hard to express your deepest darkest emotions in outwardly and open manner.  It can be all about money today.  Whet you owe and what's owed to you. The Moon in #Scorpio favors #Scorpio and #Scorpio Rising for fresh starts, & love, #Sagittarius needs a private moment, but things at home don't allow for that, #Capricorn is firm and redefines the word 'friend", #Aquarius needs to show respect & loyalty, #Pisces avoid making a mistake by thinking you are being deliberately overlooked, #Aries needs to be independent once again, #Taurus notices their bad habits and changes them, #Gemini shouldn't be caught in a big lie, but might be, #Cancer is firm in his or her choices, #Leo has an opportunity for new love and a chance to move or move on, #Virgo starts to get peeved about doing too much, #Libra can be extravagant today. Visit for more #Daily Horoscopes

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