Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Birthday #Pisces if you're born on Sunday 2/19

Happy Birthday #Pisces if you're born on Sunday 2/19 you can feel the winds of change coming all the time or you just feel an anticipation or you're waiting for someone or something. It might be that you are changing.  Maybe you are becoming more healthy, working out more or ridding yourseelf of bad habits or addictive behavior.  Anyways it's a year long process so give yourself time and don't rush anything this year.  It's your year to go deeper.  You can be haunted by dreams, have flash backs or someone of you could have some vicious outbursts, and wonder where did that come from.  You can be stressed as you are giving some major opportunities to show the boss or corporate what you are capable of.  Pisces born today is intent on making a name fro themselves.

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