Thursday, January 26, 2017

Today's Planet & You

Today the Moon is dark so it's better to be careful & watch your surroundings! The Moon in #Capricorn favors #Capricorn, #Makes #Aquarius act out though, #Pisces gives a good surprise, #Aries loses ground with important people. #Taurus is favored to find loopholes and mistakes While #Gemini gets criticized & Attacked by hatters, I feel your pain! #Cancer Comes up against bad people, so get rid of them, #Leo has to work overtime, #Virgo knows how to assuage the savage beast in anyone, #Libra blames others, plays innocent or like they are the victim, #Scorpio plays the numbers game in love, #Sagittarius wants to sell you something, Visit for more #DailyHoroscopes

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