Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Birthday #Capricorn if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Capricorn if you're born today your intuition is at an all time high & it's super important to guard against negative thinking or anyone who tries to make you feel bad through innuendo or gossiping.  Keeping your self-confidence & self-esteem higher than normal will be a plus.  You will always know what someone or anyone is trying to say even when they don't say it.  For that reason, that part of your brain, that gets an extra work out, the intuitive, psychic or imaginary part has to be protected.  You'll want to avoid situations that prey on your super sized ability to visualize and imagine things like internet relationships, phone relationships etc.. It's the real thing or nothing. You can afford it. But Mr. Pluto sees through everything and naturally his radar is working fine this year. That makes you determined and stealthy. This year avoid the desire to get back at or even with anyone. Let it go. In love, lots are attracted to your magnetism.  The spring holds much romantic good fortune for you.  Visit www.terrynazon.com for more #Horoscopes

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