Monday, November 7, 2016

Todays Planets & You

Today the 2nd Qtr. Moon in Aquarius coincides with the Moons Nodes opening doors, Do I hear a Collective "Amen"? The #Aquarius Moon is great for #Aquarius who picks up an old goal and runs with it, #Pisces people see you in a different light & are just about to make a decisions regarding you, #Aries gets a rare professional opportunity, #Taurus feels confident about another's loyalty to him or her, #Gemini wants to find something new to get passionate about, #Cancer cuts to cords that bind, #Leo changes his or her routine, #Virgo makes a big relationship change, #Libra keeps things light with old lovers, #Scorpio has a burst of energy that sends him or her in another direction, #Sagittarius is about the lay down the lay about excessive spending, and #Capricorn says "Show me the money". Visit for more Daily Horoscopes

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