Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Sagittarius a happy go lucky #Sunsign that bounces right back from adversity, Great! The #Moon in #Sagittarius favors #Sagittarius who needs to escape heavy responsibilities today, while #Scorpio wants to do exactly as he/she pleases, never mind the consequences or costs, #Libra who shouldn't be pushed or rushed around today, #Virgo who's running away. #Leo feels stressed with kids and a lack of romance in their lives, while #Cancer keeps love interests at bay so he/she can finish their work, #Gemini continues to exaggerate the truth, #Taurus is one day closer to overcoming financial challenges, #Aries is looking for the next best thing to work on, while #Pisces stands at a crossroads, #Aquarius is one step closer to overcoming obstacles and winning hearts, while #Capricorn refuses to get involved in craziness. Visit for more. Follow me on @twitter @Sexstrology, on @instagram @terry.nazon and on @Facebook @TerrynazonFanPage 

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