Saturday, September 17, 2016

Today's Planets & You

It's Saturday & the ruler of the day is Saturn! The Moon in Aries makes it a louder than normal day but favors Aries & theme park rides, #Pisces is about to spend big or win big, #Aquarius is besieged by phone calls & text messages, #Capricorn is a stealth missile ready to tackle any big job, #Sagittarius enjoys spontaneous moments & that includes flirtations, #Scorpio all of a sudden is looking good to others, #Libra is ready for major changes, "out with the old" well, maybe but not quite yet, #Virgo says don't spend my money honey, #Leo is just indecisive, #Cancer is ready for love or getting ready for a major love affair, #Gemini is finally understood, while #Taurus realizes people are nice and they do care! visit for more! 

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