Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Moon in #Aquarius which favors #Aquarius is great for moving ahead and brings strong likes and intense dislikes. It brings out the freaks and weirdos too! The Moon in #Aquarius makes #Capricorn think about money and very opinionated and argumentative, #Sagittarius yearns for closeness but makes do, #Scorpio thinks about the past, #Libra is happy and looks forward to the future, while #Leo could fall in and out of love, #Virgo is put upon, bothered or asked for a favor, #Cancer has the strongest likes and dislikes and wants to block everyone today, #Gemini wants to believe in love but perhaps should wait it out, #Taurus needs to focus on their love life and getting to know new people, it will make life sweeter, #Aries is revisiting the past, old plans and their history, #Pisces routine changes and this give you plenty of time to do some self-help work. Visit
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