Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the New Moon phase is in ‪#‎Cancer‬, this favors #Cancer natives for fresh starts & taking the initiative, while ‪#‎Leo‬ hides away with a few people catching up on work, ‪#‎Virgo‬ needs & gives good advice to friends, ‪#‎Libra‬ is torn between going along with others or getting back to work, ‪#‎Scorpio‬ thinks about major changes on the horizon, ‪#‎Sagittarius‬ longs for the time they can do their own thing, ‪#‎Capricorn‬ is happy to be doing their own thing, ‪#‎Aquarius‬ needs to be less emotional and more helpful, ‪#‎Pisces‬ needs to grow up, find something to be happy about & embrace their good fortune, ‪#‎Aries‬ is full speed ahead while others try to catch up, ‪#‎Taurus‬ find the right words for what they want & need to communicate, ‪#‎Gemini‬ wants to make a large purchase & keep their money, say what?
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