Thursday, July 14, 2016

Today's Planets & You

That Nasty Mars-Uranus aspect was exact at 1:13 am EDT but with the Moon in Scorpio & lining up with Mars money, power and nastiness is still in the air until about Sunset!
under these aspects #Scorpio feels like their backs are against the wall, #Sagittarius wants their life back, #Capricorn can solve your troubles, #Aquarius is mean today so don't push your Aquarius friends around, #Pisces looks forward to future financial changes, #Aries needs to put their credit cards away, #Taurus wants to be in control but really isn't right now, #Gemini needs to catch up on work, & get back to work ASAP, while #Cancer sees their fortunes turn around for the better, #Leo needs to let the past go for heavens sake, #Virgo is listening to all the wrong people, too much advice is just as bad as no advice, & #Libra is waiting for the proverbial "let's take this further" cue from someone. Visit for more download my Mobile App and Read more horoscopes!

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