Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the #Moon is in #Scorpio, where overcoming pain and challenges is what it's all about. The Moon is in #Scorpio favors #Scorpio who's on that long journey of figuring out what's next, it deepens #Sagittarius connection with all thing unknown & hidden, it brings opportunity for major breakthrough with others, friends & people from the past for #Capricorn, while #Aquarius realizes it's better to listen, take advice and swallow the medicine, #Pisces is at a crossroads and needs to head the advice, seek wisdom & find a reason to go on, #Aries needs to figure out why they are building wealth for someone else, #Taurus wants to know what you think of him or her but not really, #Gemini falls down & picks him or herself up continually, #Cancer lays down the law in a co-dependent situation, #Leo needs to work on letting go of past hurts & letting go in general, #Virgo don't say what you're thinking while #Libra works on their inner angst with relationships. 

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