Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fake Astrology on Twitter, Social Media and elsewhere

One year ago I was in the line at Staples of all places, and checking out with a long line of people behind me, the young lady looks at the name on my credit card and says to me I am @ZodiacFacts and I have over 1 million followers on Twitter; who by the way in years prior I had sent emails to about downloading my tweets and posting them as her own.  I had completely forgotten this so you could imagine my surprise. Right in my own backyard.  She recently after on year wrote me again after I graciously offered to take her out to lunch, talk to her and she declined;  sends me a message saying: "If I wanted to reveal myself I would be doing so but instead you decided to air me out and then tried to make a mockery of what I have built". No, You aired yourself out, I was making a purchase at #Staples I am standing up against fraud Rosalie Oscar of Sunrise Florida clerk at Staples, NobHill, Florida  @ZodiacFacts Fraud Astrologer with 1 million Twitter Followers and I will call anyone out as being a fraud astrologer that I know about #Forewarned.

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