Thursday, May 22, 2014

Download the free iHeartRadio app on your Mobile Device and search for Terry Nazon and your Astrological sign

It’s been almost 1 year since I began recording Daily Horoscopes for iheartradio; longer since they first contacted me about recording them.  It’s been a transformational journey.  From wondering if I was up for the daily challenge of recording about 315 shows per month, and if I could keep the content fresh, ah daily.  Any astrologer would tell you that it is a real challenge to write let alone record that much content.  In fact the word on the street (or from other professional astrologers) is “How do you do that?”
I spent the 1st 4 months not getting any sleep, staying up til 4:00 am writing out each and every horoscope, re-recording them over and over again, and secretly wondering if it was relevant and if you all, my fans and audience liked them.  I went on immunology treatments to combat allergies and make my voice sound better, and the list goes on and on.

Like anything, every time I am asked to take on such as a project,  like write horoscopes for a weekly or monthly magazine, I have learned over the years to approach everything politically, as in I could be voted out of office, at anytime, at anyone’s discretion or whim.  Frankly, I’m cynical like that! So with all that, always on the back of my mind I took on the task of recording Daily Horoscopes for iheartradio.  Talk about pressure!  Now, I’m more comfortable with it and I even look forward to recording them, and your response of course has been great! So keep listening! Make some noise and send me your thoughts.  Make sure you download the free iHeartRadio app on your Mobile Device and search for Terry Nazon, and your astrological sign and if you know it your rising sign! 
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