Monday, April 28, 2014

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Tonight a rare Solar Eclipse occurs and can be seen if you're in ...Australia, but none the less it's going to be a very potent time for good changes.  The Solar Eclipse occurs in the fixed earth sign of Taurus ruler of money, wealth, accumulation, assets, possessiveness, stubbornness, fixity of purpose and comfort.  It's a great time to set your intentions, make a Vision Board and just have a thought or two about what it is you'd like to accomplish with this potent energy.  The sign of Taurus is all about tradition, food, comfort, being settled and of course m.o.n.e.y., Cha Ching, $$$, and spending.  The sign of Taurus is also about listening and perhaps that can be a part of your financial success too. It's about touching as Taurus rules the sense of touch; and needless to say it's about getting your way, staying the course and never giving up! Let's reach our goals and live our dreams...and they start...Now!

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