Friday, March 21, 2014

Juno ruler of marriage and complicated breakups, is in play.

The Sun has entered Aries and will soon meet up with the asteroid Juno and the planet of sudden change Uranus.  Juno influences marriage no doubt, and is always somewhere when a marriage occurs or even when the actual marriage license is signed.  It’s important and of course interesting to see where Juno is in your chart and how it’s being aspected.  It’s equally important to see where Juno is in your significant others chart or in the chart of someone, you’re interested in and how it will be aspected in the near future.  The asteroid Juno will aspect the Lunar South Node indicating that many who are completing their covenant relationships and karma relationship cycles.  They say that letting go is hard to do and Juno lets us know when enough is enough and it’s time to move on.  This could indicate divorce for some, and breakups for others.  Juno has a harsh side and indicates betrayal, cheating, and since she rules the legal marital agreement Juno is also concerned with joint assets, big money divorces and inheritance.  If you want to know where Juno is in your chart, or your partner's chart Juno looks like this in your natal birth chart. 
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