Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day is Fast Approaching

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and The Relationship Composite Chart in addition to the Relationship Synastry Chart is another good angle to approach with astrology. Both show how two individual’s Natal Birth Charts interact together. The difference is that  The Composite Relationship Chart is a chart that is derived from combing the two natal birth charts together using various methods, the Synastry Chart is typically a Bi-Wheel Chart with both individuals Charts together, and the relationship between their two planets. The Relationship Composite Chart tells the story of how your two worlds merge and become one. From there even greater insight is available about the relationship. One can gain even greater understanding as to where the relationship is headed and if it has real relationship potential, marriage potential, and longevity. The Synastry Composite Report available at my web store is a great addition to The Lover’s Compatibility Report and a great place to start with your budding love story!

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