Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gabby Feb. 14, 1998-Nov. 9, 2013

Good Morning everyone! So many of you know me personally and know Siamese cat.
This great cat Gabby passed away yesterday and was released from his faltering body. It was time.
The Moon and asteroid Juno aligned with his Aquarius Sun, he was born on Valentine's Day,  while Mars in Virgo had passed his North Node, it was time. Mercury the planet who is the bridge between life and death, stood still in the skies. It was a good day to die.
Now as he starts his next journey into yet another re-birth, please say this Buddhist prayer for pets, it goes like this...

Oh Buddhas and  Bodhisattvas of the 10 directions and the three times,
 Please protect and guide Gabby on his journey.
 May he be free from fear and from clinging to this life.
 May he have a favorite rebirth.
-Tibetan chant

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