Thursday, April 18, 2013

3 Eclipses in a Row

Typically we experience 2 eclipses in a row but this Spring  there are 3 eclipses in a row. 
Eclipses have a tendency to make us feel uncomfortable because they indicate that change is on the way, and not everyone embraces change completely.  
  1. A Full Moon Eclipse April 25th at 5°51’ Scorpio (Saturn was here Nov.24, 2012, and will again be here June 1st and Aug.13th, 2013  the North Node will transit here completing the cycle Dec 24, 2013 ) So look back at these dates to get an idea of what's still going on that needs your attention or more work.
  2. A New Moon Eclipse May 9th at 19°33' Taurus ( the Lunar South Node was here in Feb.2013)
  3. A Full Moon Eclipse at 3°58' Sagittarius
This year with Both Saturn and the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio (South Node in Taurus) challenges have to be met skillfully and with the intent to overcome.  Are there challenges,of course but it's time to rise up and show everyone including yourself what you're made of.  One day you'll look back and you'll pat yourself on the back or remember with a smile that you overcame a challenge!


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