Monday, July 23, 2012

The South Node and Vesta

This week the Lunar South Node at 3* Gemini is very close to the asteroid Vesta ruler of our inner space, devotion to something greater cause than ourselves .  In the sign of Gemini along with the South Node retreating to re-charge and have a positive rejuvenating conversation with ourselves goes much better than having a conversation with other.  Withdrawing from communications to conserve energy, to prepare for something great and to emerge at a later date with something great to say or do, is what it’s all about.

Vesta in mythology was the keeper of the golden flame, the Vestal Virgins, and temple guardians.  Vesta rules confinement, tight spaces, devotion, fanaticism, the type of maddening devotion without which no great thing is ever accomplished.  So if you’re having relationship troubles you should look at where Vesta is transiting or placed in your Natal Birth Chart. In Aries solar 3rd house of communications what you say and how you say or even if you will share your thoughts comes into greater focus.  There’s more on the line and Aries needs to keep mum about plans right now.

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