Sunday, June 10, 2012

Uranus Sqaure Pluto

As the Uranus-Pluto square culminates some of you could be feeling the pressure.  The outer planets rule the super-conscious, world trends and what people consider to be events beyond our control.  Since this square will be in effect for some time it’s good to get in a practice of detoxing the body and challenging yourself.  Uranus deals specifically with nuclear material and Pluto with waste.  In the 60’s the last time Uranus squared Pluto pollution, radiation and environmental poisoning were big concerns and they will be now.  Detoxing will help your body rid itself of environmental toxins.  Additionally, this square is a tough energy square so you have to get tougher.  Exerting lots of intense energy like weight lifting, training for a marathon, or an intense workout regime, lessens the effects of this planetary square.  Why?  You are meeting the energy bearing down on you with more energy.  If the planets want to challenge you, you just say “Wait, I got this” and challenge yourself.  Control how the planets will affect you and control the outcome.  How this affects you will be posted in the Weekly Horoscopes

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