Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Service Birth Chart Rectification What's your Rising?

What's your Rising Sign? 

What's your rising sign? I always tell people that even under the best circumstances the last thing they are doing in a delivery room is looking at the time of birth. That paper work is filled out 15-20 minutes later even under the best conditions. Birth Chart Rectification Service establishes the time of birth. it is for those people:

• who don't have their time of birth
• aren't sure their time of birth is correct
• are adopted, have no one to tell them what time they were born
• Think their birth chart is off by a few minutes.

 Rectification of your birth chart tries to establish the time of birth through events in your life, marriages, moves, career changes, graduation dates, sister, mother's date of birth etc... If you don't know your time of birth or have a question about it...this service is for you. Only $150.00  click here for more details

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