Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 5th and final in a series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions

It has been 21 months that the world has been experiencing the Saturn-Uranus oppositions, which began Nov.4, 2008 and finally end July 26th, 2010.  The Saturn-Uranus oppositions force you to face the facts.  In Libra and Aries the conflict between independence and relationship becomes clearer. Saturn is always about pointing out where you have been wrong, or made mistakes, and Uranus forces the situation or circumstances further.  The opposition gives no room for escape.  Life is about learning and these aspects make us grow further.

Nov.4, 2008  Saturn in Virgo 18* opposing Uranus in Pisces 18*
Feb. 5th 2009  Saturn in Virgo 18* opposing Uranus in Pisces 18*
Sept. 15th, 2009 Saturn in Virgo 24* opposing Uranus in Pisces 24*
April 26th 2010 Saturn in Virgo 28* opposing Uranus in Pisces 28*
July 26th, 2010  Saturn in Libra 0* opposing Uranus in Aries 0*

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