Friday, September 11, 2009

October 2009

October 2009

During the first 4 days of October, Mercury and Mars form a rare aspect with each other. When the planet Mercury comes out of retrograde in Virgo at 21* it is actually transiting behind Mars the planet of action in Cancer at 21*. This is rare because typically Mercury the messenger planet transits ahead of Mars. Mars in Cancer is now sending Mercury the message in a preemptive strike. Along with the dramatic Full Moon in Aries, both the Full Moon and the planet Mars are in each others places of power. The drama unfolds.

Mercury in Virgo matters pertain to health. Currently there is a health scare with the swine flu outbreak predicted. It also relates to communications, weather and the internet. In Virgo it’s procrastination that causes the most problems. Not taking care or being prepared for something then, dealing with the crisis or aftermath of having not been ready or sufficiently prepared. This happens with acts of nature. Hurricanes, storms, earth quakes floods. People know its coming and yet don’t take action. Another typical reaction of Mercury in Virgo is not getting involved when you know something isn’t right; Mars in Cancer is another story. Mars is in its fall in the sign of Cancer. The planet Mars is squaring its natural place in the zodiac, Cancer. Fire sign Mars meets emotion in water sign Cancer. Fire meets homes, dysfunctional emotions meets with violence, and destructive emotions and passions are uncontrolled by the usual safe guards.

So during those first days of October, we have a destructive pattern of passionate or overly emotional behavior. Mercury in Virgo procrastinates knowing full well something could happen but hopes for the best.
Family crisis, domestic abuse, attacks on the internet, crimes of passion, social unrest, and attacks, are all possible outcomes. Played out against a backdrop of people feeling that they are not in control, or that their communities, courts or government aren’t doing enough. Poor economic news and escalating social unrest result. It can mark a time of violent rioting, crimes of passion, internet hacking, storms and eruptions.

Additionally the first 4 days of October coincide with the police codes, 10-0, Caution, 10-1 Reception Poor, 10-2 Reception Good, 10-3 Stop Transmitting, 10-4 Message Received.

*submitted to the AFA (C)Terry Nazon Inc all rights reserved

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